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Elementen på Röhsska Museet


Elementen på Röhsska Museet - (The radiators at Röhsska Museet)

Foamboard, printout, wood, acrylic paint

Röhsska Museet, 2014

What if the radiators feel alone and alienated when they are not a part of the exhibitions?

Röhsska Museet was built 1916 and has since then been a museum for crafts and design. When walking around in the museum I thought that the radiators might be sad because they are indeed a design object, yet they don't have any information signs or are placed in a vitrine as the other museum objects.


I decided to try to find out who the designer of these radiators was. I wrote a text about heating history, that museums were the first institutions with central heating systems. I copied the esthetics and fonts of Röhsska Museet, their logo and built similar signs as they have in the museum. I placed the signs without saying anything to the museum. Later I heard that the museum kept the big sign for two weeks and the small ones lasted for over a year.

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